Don’t Forget To Hydrate!

We hope your Saturday itinerary is jam-packed with fun activities and exciting events. Just a healthy reminder though: your water bottle is as important as your phone — never, ever leave home without it!


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Friday Myth: The Healthiest Diet is a Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet With Lots of Grains

Truth: Several decades ago, the entire population was advised to eat a low-fat, high-carb diet. At the time, not a single study had demonstrated that this diet could actually prevent disease. Since then, many high quality studies have been done, including the Women’s Health Initiative, which is the largest nutrition study in history.

This diet does not cause weight loss, prevent cancer OR reduce the risk of heart disease. Numerous studies have been done on the low-fat, high-carb diet. It has virtually no effect on body weight or disease risk over the long term.


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Entertainer Tip For The Weekend

Entertaining guests this weekend? Here is a great idea for serving fruit! Simply scoop out a halved watermelon, and then use it as a bowl to hold other fruit you like.

The watermelon adds an element of creativity and an extra splash of colour to brighten up your display. Plus, less washing up for later!

Note: not all of our entertainer tips and suggestions are suitable for your individual SureSlim program. Always refer to your food selection list first.

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Happy Hump Day!

Remember: if people around you try to undermine your goals, it’s their issue, not yours. Refuse to engage them on the topic so you can remain single-minded about achieving your goal!


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Tuesday Recipe!

Why not try this quick and easy recipe for Barbequed Garlic Prawns tonight? With only seven ingredients and very little prep time, it’s the perfect healthy meal to enjoy after a long day.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

Preparation time 18 minutes

1 kg large fresh green prawns
12 cloves garlic, finely chopped
4 cruskits
1 Tbs lemon thyme, finely chopped
1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed
1 Tbs water
Sea Salt


Cooking time 4-8 minutes

1. Remove prawn heads using small sharp scissors, then cut back of shell down length of prawn and remove vein.
2. Place garlic, cruskits, salt, thyme, oil and water into food processor, blend until sticking together.
3. Press crumb mixture under prawn shell. Allow to marinate for at least 1/2 hour.
4. BBQ 2 minutes each side.
5. Serve and enjoy!


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Run Your Saturday Errands Healthily

Hooray for Saturday! Want to work in some incidental exercise today? Why not run your Saturday errands healthily! If you’re going on a weekend shopping spree, park far away from the entrance and build a few extra, calorie-burning steps into your day. If you’re visiting stores on different levels, ditch the escalator and take the stairs!


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Kick Water Up a Notch With Fruit Infused Ice Cubes!

Jazz up your drink this weekend with a splash of colour with fruit infused ice cubes. They will keep your drink chilly and your tumbler looking sassy!


1. Simply sprinkle blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries to your ice cube tray.
2. Add water, freeze and voila! delicious bejewelled ice cubes for your beverage.

Whoever said water was boring?


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Revisit Your Goals And Praise Your Achievements

Take a moment to revisit your weight loss goals, and remind yourself that you are in this journey for the long haul.  A great way to stay motivated is by writing down all the ways your life has improved since joining the SureSlim program. Celebrate your victories, write them down, and revisit them often!

Remember, setting realistic goals improves your self-esteem and provides you with the reinforcement you need to help you continue the journey!


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SureSlim Corporate WeightLoss Challenge: Spousal Support & Long-Term Success

Solid support systems are paramount to changing your lifestyle for good. We’ve said it once and now we’re saying it again: paramount, essential, vital. In addition to the Corporate WeightLoss Challenge, which innately pivots on a backbone of mutual support, the second tier of support undoubtedly comes in spousal form. Your partner, your wife, your husband, your missus, your boyfriend, your lover — whichever it be — they’re all imperative in achieving long-term success.

It won’t surprise you to hear that your environment has a hefty bearing on the type of person you are and the lifestyle you keep. If your workplace orders pizza every Friday, there’s little chance you’ll resist in favour of your home-brought salad. If you’re at a party, you’re going to chow down on whatever is on the table. If your husband or wife cooks you high-calorie meals each night, you’ll eat those too.

So what you surround yourself with matters. That’s why we’re offering a $100 spousal discount when teams sign up for the Corporate Weight Loss Challenge. While you’ll have your work team to reinforce your healthy lifestyle changes, and you can transform the workplace into an inspired, health-focused realm, there needs to be a similar carryover into your home environment.

You don't need to pose for cheesy photos like this, we promise.

Your day starts at home, and the course of your day flows on from there. How much sense would it make for you and your spouse to eat opposing dishes for breakfast and dinner, or to consume imbalanced, unhealthy foods out of convenience? Answer: not much sense at all. Choosing to approach Sureslim as a joint spousal venture is just logical and intuitive. Though you’ll have different requirements to your spouse (everyone’s diet plan will vary) meaning you won’t be eating identical meals — you’ll both be aiming for a new, healthier, slimmer existence — and THAT makes sense, does it not?

For full details of the Corporate Weight Loss Challenge and the spousal discount, head here (link).

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The Corporate Weight Loss Challenge: What’s In It For My Workplace?

There are many avenues one can take for weight loss, and many approaches within those. If you’re here, reading this post — it’s likely you already have a pretty clear idea of how SureSlim operates. You have an idea of the success rate, on account of testimonials like these and evidence such as this. But maybe you want more. Well… okay, sure! We at SureSlim are now unveiling a new incentive that we wholeheartedly believe in: The Corporate Weight Loss Challenge.

The bottom line is, we’ve developed this thing to create a supportive weight-loss environment for our customers; one that encourages solidarity, with health the collective goal. I’m sure you can attest that it can be very difficult to change your lifestyle when those that surround you engage in unhealthy behaviours. The Corporate Weight Loss Challenge is essentially the antithesis of that. Why? You’ll spur you co-workers on. They’ll keep you motivated. We like to think of it as one big ring of health-centric love. What’s more? Expect a more energetic workplace, fewer sick (or ‘sick’) days and a inevitable carry-through of healthy, positive eating habits into homes. So how does it work, you ask?

This is what team building looks like! And it means you'll be doing this formation with your colleagues all the time! Well... maybe not ALL the time. But sometimes.

Listen up. Say you have a fairly large workplace, and you’re all up for some body sprucing, or perhaps comprehensive, full-fledged revamps. Group registrations of 50+ people will qualify for a 5-day getaway for 2 on Hayman Island valued at $5000. So the member, as selected by your team, that achieves the best transformation, gets all of the following:

·      Return Airfare from any Aussie capital city
·      Return transfers from Hamilton to Hayman Island
·      Accommodation for 2 in a Pool Room
·      Daily breakfast in Azure
·      Dinner each evening in your choice of restaurant
·      Complimentary bottle of Australian wine on arrival
·      VIP guest status!

Exhibit A:

And B:

But how much is it?

Your group can choose between the 6-week QuickLoss Express plan ($497) and the 12-week QuickLoss plan ($797) — depending on your goals.

Oh, and you know how we were on about positive health infiltrating into home life? Well to seal the deal, all spouses of members receive a discount of $100* when you sign up! Simply send us a direct message via our Facebook page and we can get you and your team started. 

*Spouses are not included in the 50+ qualifier for the holiday.

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