SureSlim Corporate WeightLoss Challenge: Spousal Support & Long-Term Success

Solid support systems are paramount to changing your lifestyle for good. We’ve said it once and now we’re saying it again: paramount, essential, vital. In addition to the Corporate WeightLoss Challenge, which innately pivots on a backbone of mutual support, the second tier of support undoubtedly comes in spousal form. Your partner, your wife, your husband, your missus, your boyfriend, your lover — whichever it be — they’re all imperative in achieving long-term success.

It won’t surprise you to hear that your environment has a hefty bearing on the type of person you are and the lifestyle you keep. If your workplace orders pizza every Friday, there’s little chance you’ll resist in favour of your home-brought salad. If you’re at a party, you’re going to chow down on whatever is on the table. If your husband or wife cooks you high-calorie meals each night, you’ll eat those too.

So what you surround yourself with matters. That’s why we’re offering a $100 spousal discount when teams sign up for the Corporate Weight Loss Challenge. While you’ll have your work team to reinforce your healthy lifestyle changes, and you can transform the workplace into an inspired, health-focused realm, there needs to be a similar carryover into your home environment.

You don't need to pose for cheesy photos like this, we promise.

Your day starts at home, and the course of your day flows on from there. How much sense would it make for you and your spouse to eat opposing dishes for breakfast and dinner, or to consume imbalanced, unhealthy foods out of convenience? Answer: not much sense at all. Choosing to approach Sureslim as a joint spousal venture is just logical and intuitive. Though you’ll have different requirements to your spouse (everyone’s diet plan will vary) meaning you won’t be eating identical meals — you’ll both be aiming for a new, healthier, slimmer existence — and THAT makes sense, does it not?

For full details of the Corporate Weight Loss Challenge and the spousal discount, head here (link).

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The Corporate Weight Loss Challenge: What’s In It For My Workplace?

There are many avenues one can take for weight loss, and many approaches within those. If you’re here, reading this post — it’s likely you already have a pretty clear idea of how SureSlim operates. You have an idea of the success rate, on account of testimonials like these and evidence such as this. But maybe you want more. Well… okay, sure! We at SureSlim are now unveiling a new incentive that we wholeheartedly believe in: The Corporate Weight Loss Challenge.

The bottom line is, we’ve developed this thing to create a supportive weight-loss environment for our customers; one that encourages solidarity, with health the collective goal. I’m sure you can attest that it can be very difficult to change your lifestyle when those that surround you engage in unhealthy behaviours. The Corporate Weight Loss Challenge is essentially the antithesis of that. Why? You’ll spur you co-workers on. They’ll keep you motivated. We like to think of it as one big ring of health-centric love. What’s more? Expect a more energetic workplace, fewer sick (or ‘sick’) days and a inevitable carry-through of healthy, positive eating habits into homes. So how does it work, you ask?

This is what team building looks like! And it means you'll be doing this formation with your colleagues all the time! Well... maybe not ALL the time. But sometimes.

Listen up. Say you have a fairly large workplace, and you’re all up for some body sprucing, or perhaps comprehensive, full-fledged revamps. Group registrations of 50+ people will qualify for a 5-day getaway for 2 on Hayman Island valued at $5000. So the member, as selected by your team, that achieves the best transformation, gets all of the following:

·      Return Airfare from any Aussie capital city
·      Return transfers from Hamilton to Hayman Island
·      Accommodation for 2 in a Pool Room
·      Daily breakfast in Azure
·      Dinner each evening in your choice of restaurant
·      Complimentary bottle of Australian wine on arrival
·      VIP guest status!

Exhibit A:

And B:

But how much is it?

Your group can choose between the 6-week QuickLoss Express plan ($497) and the 12-week QuickLoss plan ($797) — depending on your goals.

Oh, and you know how we were on about positive health infiltrating into home life? Well to seal the deal, all spouses of members receive a discount of $100* when you sign up! Simply send us a direct message via our Facebook page and we can get you and your team started. 

*Spouses are not included in the 50+ qualifier for the holiday.

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ATTN: Free Stuff! 1 x SureSlim QuickLoss Express Program ($497) + Claytan Dinnerware ($500+) = Prizes valued at $1000!!!

If you’ve been following the curve of our posts lately, you know about our competition — the one that puts you in the running to win Claytan Dinnerware to the value of $500. Guess what? The stakes have risen and the prize is now twice as nice! Together with that dinnerware set (one of three — you get to choose!), we’re now also giving up 1 X SureSlim Quick Loss Express Program valued at $497!

Already on SureSlim and won’t be needing that program? No problem. You can pass it along to someone you know, we’ll assess their health and eligibility and take care of the whole thing! Is that an excellent Christmas present or is that an excellent Christmas present?!

All you have to do is submit your favourite summer slimmer recipe. What is a summer slimmer recipe? It’s a light and tasty recipe that is balanced and healthy. It utilises seasonal, natural wholefoods and is a potential feature for a SureSlim cookbook. Want some examples of some entries so far? Head here or here.

Because we all have different requirements, you needn’t worry that your recipe be stringently nutritionally measured SureSlim-approved — we just want it to fit the above criteria; be wholesome, feel-good and healthy. Keen to enter? Head right here or if you’re on mobile, over here.

Best of luck!

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Meet Jeremy who Lost 14.3kg on SureSlim + His Summer Slimmer Recipe

Jeremy has lost 14.3kg on SureSlim in less than two months — which is pretty darned phenomenal! See below his summer slimmer recipe submission, as part of our competition in collaboration with Claytan Dinnerware, as well as his interview about his road to success. Congrats, Jeremy!

1. What was your starting weight before you embarked on SureSlim?


2. How much weight have you lost to date?

14.3kg from 7 weeks and still going

3. Did you experience any failures before your successes? Was there a lightbulb moment where you told yourself “it’s serious this time?”

a) Lots of yo-yo half attempts at weight loss  and
b) When I got my blood test results back and realised I HAD TO change

4. What are your tips for staying motivated and not giving into cravings?

Get active, drink lots of water and if you used to have lots of coke/energy drinks like me, then use your black coffee allowance — it helps heaps.

5. Please use three words to describe how you feel in your current body:

Confident, Energetic, Lighter.

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Meet Sigrid Who Lost 72kg + her Summer Slimmer Recipe

Sigrid, aka Half The Woman I Was, is a walking testament to weight loss. She has literally become half the woman she was, dropping 72 kilos from 143 in 2006, and keeping the better part of it off. We couldn’t not showcase her achievements, on account of their legendary nature. See below her summer slimmer recipe submission, as part of our competition in collaboration with Claytan Dinnerware, as well as her totally, ridiculously inspiring interview underneath that.

What was your starting weight before you chose to change your lifestyle?

I’m not sure how much I weighed but it was more than 143kg which was the weight limit on our scales. When I got on them they read ‘OL’ for Overloaded, and that’s when I knew I had to change things.

How much weight have you lost to date?

I lost more than 72 kg over 20 months, reaching 71kg in December 2006. Since then I’ve levelled out a bit but have still managed to keep most of the weight off, which for more than 7 years is a pretty good effort!

Did you experience any failures before your successes? Was there a lightbulb moment where you told yourself “it’s serious this time?”

I was born believing I had inherited the world’s worst metabolism and that I would always be overweight. I’d tried EVERY diet known to man without any success. In fact each time I’d dieted I’d ended up weighing more after I’d stopped. It wasn’t until I saw the first season of The Biggest Loser USA in 2004 that I started to believe I could change. I saw people the same size and bigger than me having real success on those scales – I wanted some of that success too! So I thought I’d give it a go and started researching what I needed to do.

What are your tips for staying motivated and not giving into cravings?

There are so many, it depends on the situation! In terms of keeping up the momentum it’s all between the ears … so working on yourself is the biggest key, along with understanding nutrition and calorie density, and the benefits of the right kind of exercise. The other thing is to keep track of your progress each week … not just weight but percentage body fat and measurements. Muscle weighs more than fat and so sometimes the scales can be deceiving. Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint … it takes time.

Please use three words to describe how you feel in your current body:

Healthy, Positive, Confident.

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SureSlim & Claytan Competition Giveaway — We Want Your Summer Slimmer Recipes!

Attention: stealth culinary wizards who’ve not yet been recognised as erm, culinary wizards. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

We’ve paired with Claytan Dinnerware, purveyors of healthy dinnerware, to give away one amazing set valued at $500. If I’m doing my job well, you’re probably curious about two main things right now — a) what the HELL is ‘healthy’ dinnerware? and b) What do I have to do to attain such a wondrous thing?

Let’s start with the former. Healthy but nourishing eating is a big thing for us here at SureSlim, and it logically extends beyond the actual food you’re ingesting, through to the surface on which your food rests. Yep. This is where the healthy dinnerware thing comes in. Claytan use specialised glazing atop any painted or decorative surfaces —meaning toxins that might be present on other brands of dinnerware aren’t present here. And really — why bother eating clean if your clean food becomes toxic on the thing that houses it?!

Now for the winning part. You like free stuff, right? To score yourself a Claytan Dinnerware set valued at $500 (your choice between the above three), we want your healthy, summer slimmer recipes. The weather is warming up, which means eating light and healthily should come naturally — entering is as simple as sharing your favourite recipe with us by following this link! And oh — we’ve had a bunch of incredible, inspirational entries already, which we’ll begin sharing with you guys next week, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

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How to Spring Clean Your Life, Body and Soul

Closely associated with the Spring season is the pressure to clean the clutter from all facets of life, whether it be in the home, workplace or simply your surrounding relationships and lifestyle habits.

I recently read somewhere that everything we do and everything in our immediate living space is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves and that the reason we love to ‘Spring clean’ is mostly attributed to the fact that getting rid of the excess marks a fresh start and a change within one’s self. Sounds about right, to me. What also rings true is the notion that hoarding an excess of ‘stuff’ points to signs of feeling overwhelmed, similar to the way that many speculate that an excess of weight points to having a loss of control, over both our emotions as well as what we eat.

I had a think of how I’d go about Spring cleaning my life (and my weight) and I thought I would focus on the following just as a starting point.

To kick off my Spring clean, I’m going to begin with my wardrobe. I’m prioritising this clean because of all the things I possess, clothes are definitely the item I have in excess above all! If I feel like any clothes are outdated, and that wearing them would be a reflection of someone I perhaps was but am not currently, in the bin they go. Same goes for clothes that are unflattering or do not fit properly. On that note however, I’ll be keeping in mind that clothes that are a little snug may be a great motivator to lose weight, and getting rid of the bigger sized clothes that no longer fit may be a great reminder to stay on track.

Second on my Spring clean to-do list will be cleaning the clutter out of my diet. That means no processed or packaged foods, focusing on cooking meals that are light and refreshing as well as only allowing myself to eat until I am satisfied rather than eating until I am full. Giving the pantry, benchtops and refrigerator a clean out and a good scrub will of course also be a part of the diet Spring clean.

Lastly, I’m going to decrease or eliminate altogether the things that don’t make me happy, fail to add value to my life or take up more time than they are worth. In return, this will hopefully create more time for focusing on not only the things I love most but new endeavours I’d love to explore. Some of these things will include practices as simple as leaving work at the office rather than taking it home as well as taking the steps towards letting go of any unnecessary stress and worry that causes an undue consumption of energy.

What is the first thing you’ll be Spring cleaning out of your life?

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Spring: Our Favourite Time of Year

Spring is upon us once again. Goodbye layers and clinging to the cosy confines of your bed in the morning, hello sunshine and new beginnings. One of the things we love most about Spring is that it’s the perfect time to reinforce or kickstart your weight loss efforts.

As you might of noticed, Spring time naturally brings upon more reasons to be active. Whether it’s gardening, reorganising the shed or some Spring cleaning within the home, we tend to find that we move around and burn more calories in the warmer weather. Not to mention that we are likely to feel a natural boost of energy and motivation from spending more time outdoors.

To make the most of this new beginning, and these optimal conditions for change, I propose that we make some ‘Springtime resolutions’ somewhat similar to those that we’d make for New Year’s.

One of your resolutions might be towards getting active. Don’t have time? Start small. Start with a 10 minute morning routine, or make it a new lifestyle choice/ Springtime resolution to go for evening walks. As you familiarise yourself with the routine you may have the natural inclination to lengthen it anyway. If not, remember that a 10 minute workout is better than no workout at all.

Is there something new you’ve always wanted to try but have never gotten around to exploring? If there is, now is the time to do it! Whether it be buying a bike, finding a regular yoga group or joining an art class, try something new. Doing something that is just for you, because you want to and not because you’ve been forced to is the key to wellbeing. Another plus is that you’ll have a whole new skill or hobby before Summer. However, if you find that you’re not as fond of your new activity as you thought you’d be, don’t be discouraged but simply drop it and try something else.

Lastly, take advantage of Spring’s selection of beautiful fresh fruit and veg to Spring clean your diet. Make a conscious effort to eat clean by going raw and all natural. To do this, eliminate all processed and packaged foods and replace them with the fresher alternative. For instance, if you want to eat a pie, bake one from scratch and rather than buy a mix of packaged vegetables choose the fresher alternative which you are likely to find in the opposite end of the supermarket. Better yet, try to avoid your supermarket all together and shop at your local green grocer so that you are not lured in by the temptation of buying frozen packaged food that look easier to prepare.

Do you have some Springtime resolutions in mind already? Share them with us, we’d love to hear them!

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4 Easy Steps to Boost Your Daily Energy

Energy is undoubtedly one of our most valuable assets as it often determines our strength, productivity and level of positivity. Without an adequate amount of energy to get us through the day, important and even menial tasks often fall by the wayside. Not only this, but a lack of energy also tends to leave us feeling unmotivated and dissatisfied throughout the day.

Although a range of health and lifestyle factors contribute to our energy levels (or lack thereof) here are just a few easy steps that you can start incorporating into your daily routine to help maximise your energy. Rest assured, the following does not involve the consumption of ‘Red Bull’, ‘No-doze’ or ‘Berocca’!

1. Eat breakfast

The word breakfast comes from the idea of ‘breaking the fast’. After a full night’s sleep, your body expects to eat a morning meal and not doing so means that it will shift into famine or starvation mode. This essentially means that your metabolism will slow and your body will work hard to store as much energy as possible rather than release it. Skipping this all important meal also means that you are losing a vital portion of nutrition for that day that is essential for your body to function properly.

2. Get ahead and get organised

Often the stress and uncertainty felt about the things we can’t control are extremely exhausting. At times, we find ourselves worrying about things that don’t really matter or fretting over situations we know we have the power to change yet don’t. An effective way to minimise stress is to simply improve time management. Simple techniques you can use to create more time for yourself include writing ‘To Do’ lists, waking up early, or even arriving at work 15 minutes earlier than usual to allow yourself to get organised for the day. Providing more time for yourself, reorganising certain parts of your life and working out a routine will make you feel less stressed, content and most importantly less worn down.

3. Rest up

This is a bit of a no brainer. However, not only does a lack of sleep leave you feeling sluggish and affect your ability to concentrate during the day, it also slows your metabolism and increases your body’s fat intakes. If you’re having trouble sleeping perhaps try to slow your mind by using techniques such as meditation before bed and removing all technology from your bedroom. Be sure to remind yourself, that your bed is a place for sleep, so try to remove as many distractions as possible. If you have trouble fitting in a full 8 hours, consider how you can alter your night time routine to ensure that you’re in bed at a reasonable hour.

4. Get physical

Research shows that burnout and fatigue is generally more prevalent in those that don’t engage in regular physical activity. If you find it hard to motivate yourself or simply can not find any time during the day to fit in a work out, try stretching for a few minutes upon waking up to get your blood flowing. Start by trying to touch your toes (if you can’t you’re probably too stiff) and work your way up to your neck. Research shows that stretching for 10 minutes in the morning alleviates stress and you’ll also be surprised at how positive and most importantly, energised you’ll feel when you’ve finished.

Like most lifestyle choices, working towards creating new habits can at times be difficult. To begin with, focus on just one or two of the above and slowly work toward building a long-term change.

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Forget Processed and Packaged, Go All Natural

As most of you will know, our SureSlim programs are based on incorporating a balance of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, healthy oils and seeds into a program that follows what we like to call ‘clean’ eating. What these food groups have in common besides the fact that they are all low in saturated fat and low on the glycemic index, is that they are also raw, natural wholefoods.

We believe eating natural is the best way to go for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious of course is the fact that their are so many additives, preservatives and other harmful chemicals in so much of the food that we eat. Whilst much research has been conducted into why these foods can be harmful specifically, at the end of the day, the thing you need to remember is that the more your food has been processed, the more nutrients are lost. Not to mention, fresh and natural foods also retain more flavour and taste a lot better.

Remember, preservatives are added to simply make your food last longer- hence these foods are not fresh, whilst a bunch of additives can be combined to make food more appealing to the pallette and addictive. Take sugary snacks or drinks for instance that don’t only leave you wanting more but also leave you feeling flat until you have your next fix.

The solution? Go through your weekly shopping list and identify whether any of the packaged or processed foods you are purchasing can be replaced by any leafy greens or proteins. Also, be sure to read the labels of any packaged goods thoroughly and research what each of the labels really mean.

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